And yea! Verily didst the legion users wail and gnash their teeth; for their satiety hath gone unsated. Whereforth couldst the whole of creation turn whence they did require that most intuitive of interface; that divine mechanism in which they could control the very nature of music itself without so much as offering a paltry glance upon the device's visage?

It seemed, for the many, that all hope was lost.

But then, at the very zenith of despair, a glimmer of hope did arise! A new dawn! The emanation of a new interface upon which to manipulate that which had heretofore been a daunting endeavor. With this, the paragon of design, the most humble user is now emblazoned! Command the services of your music playback talisman with the humble swipe of your finger! Navigate the expanse of your most righteous collection without the burden of removing your gaze from those tasks which much command your fullest of attentions!

The shackles have been cast aside, bathe in the light of your newfound power!

And the people did rock, and it was good.

Leopold is a music control application for the iPhone and iPod touch. I was tired of using the tiny, chiclet sized buttons for music playback that come with the ipod application so I wrote my own. Now I'm offering it to you guys! you can tap and swipe anywhere on the screen to control the following functions:

  • Playback
  • Track seeking and skipping
  • Volume
  • Toggle shuffle and repeat
  • Lock and unlock the screen to prevent accidental playback changes

Also, you can press a button on the screen to change what song is currently playing, or to load a playlist or even build a quick playlist from your song library. Leopold provides album artwork as well as all the track info. Leopold also has a setting to always stay on, so you don't have to worry about unlocking your phone just to change songs!

Leopold works in any orientation, and the gestures work the same regardless of how you have the phone turned.

Leopold is great for the car, while working out, or just any time you want to change your song settings with out having to hunt for those tiny ipod buttons!

How To Use Leopold:

It's easy! Just double tap to toggle pause/play. To change tracks, swipe to the left (as if you were turning to the next page of a book) to go to the next track, and to the right to restart the track or go to the previous track. Swipe up to raise the volume. Swipe down to lower the volume. Tap with two fingers to toggle shuffle. Double tap with two fingers to switch between repeat modes (none, all, one). Tap with 3 fingers to lock/unlock the screen. When the screen is locked, no other inputs will be accepted until you unlock it.

To change the Stay On settings, or to change the color of the background or replay the tutorial, check out the Leopold section of the Settings menu.

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